Airport Transfer (PHX-ASU)

Uber or Lyft

The equivalent of Grab. About 15 minutes ride from Sky Harbor airport to ASU

Light Rail

Take the PHX Sky Train from Sky Harbor airport to 44th St/Washington station. Then take the light rail from 44th St/Washington station and alight at Veterans Way/College Avenue station or University Dr/Rural station. About 40 minutes to ASU.

Traveling to Campus

If you live near campus, the most common ways of traveling to school is by walking, cycling, and skateboarding.

Public Transportation

Orbit Bus System

Free bus service around Tempe.

Valley Metro

Bus and light rail for Phoenix.


Concession pass for students to take the Valley Metro. Highly recommended if you need to travel by Valley Metro to campus daily. Available through ASU.

ASU Shuttle Service

Free shuttle services for students to travel to all of ASU’s campuses.


The most convenient way of traveling around in Phoenix. Cars are relatively cheap to buy and parking in restaurants and shops are free in most places in Arizona. For students under 25 years old, car insurance can be relatively expensive.

Getting a Drivers License

Getting a drivers license in Arizona is very cheap and easy compared to Singapore.

There are only 2 tests to get an Arizona drivers license: Written test and road test.

You can study for the written test to get a drivers instruction permit. With an instruction permit, you are allowed to drive a vehicle but you must be driving with a someone who is at least 21 years old, has a drivers license, and must be sitting beside you.

To earn a drivers license, you will need to take the road test. You will need to borrow a car to take the road test.

You can take the written test and road test at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or at authorized third party providers.

If you do not know how to drive, you can take driving lessons from a driving school. You will need to get a drivers instruction permit first before taking practical driving lessons.

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